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MOTOGP: Biaggi deal folds at 11th hour 
10th-Dec-2005 12:20 pm


Max Biaggi's chances of competing in MotoGP next year have received yet another blow this week after Kawasaki team boss Harald Eckl revealed that tyre manufacturer Bridgestone has stopped plans for the Roman Emperor to ride a third Ninja ZX-RR alongside Shinya Nakano and Randy de Puniet.


Biaggi had looked set to unveil the deal to his fans at this week's Bologna Motor Show, saying: "I hope to be able to give you, with Camel friends, some good news about my future."

However, the Italian's MotoGP career now looks set to end following the news that Bridgestone have refused to supply Kawasaki with tyres for a third bike next season despite a deal being met between the rider and the team.

"I was very enthusiastic to have Max with Kawasaki, despite all the potential problems we faced," Eckl told this week's Motor Racing News. "I had a lot of discussions with Max and I had a feeling we could have made it work. The negotiations had been going well and, to be honest.

"I have to admit that I did not consider the tyres would be the problem," he added. "Bridgestone have already made their plans for 2006 and weren't willing to change to enable us to run a third bike for Biaggi."

Biaggi's only hope of making it onto next year's grid lies with the privateer teams of Ducati D'Antin, Yamaha Tech 3, WCM and Team Roberts. Tech 3 team boss Henri Poncharal has already refuses to take on the Italian, but with the possibility of Camel money coming, anything can happen.

WCM will run KTM engines next year while Team Roberts have landed Honda V5's, but whatever team Biaggi may force his way into to, it is likely that he'll find it difficult to finish races in the top ten let alone return to winning ways.

"When I spoke to him it was obvious to me that Max was very disappointed," Eckl added. "I think it finally dawned on him just how serious his situation has become. He just kept telling me that he couldn't believe it."

Should Biaggi fail to find a seat for next year, then Camel could return to Honda Pons or join Poncharal's Tech 3 outfit.

Eurosport - Barry Thomas - 08/12/2005


**< Well I can't say I didn't see this coming, I mean Biaggi is a tool ( THE TOOL) he is a prick and then some. No one wants him because he blames everything on the bike. I mean none of it could be Biaggi, No , he's the best rider there ever is and was........ .... NOT.. I will quote myself on the one by saying, " Biaggi for the love of christ pleace and I do mean PLEASE get the hell off your high horse and join the real world. The only one that can get away with being a Pre-Madonna is Rossi. No one, no even the sponsors, want to hear you talking garbage about the bikes. You should know better then to do that. " - MotoGP Guy

Now maybe him sitting on the sidelines for one or two seasons will be a good thing. If Biaggi were a dog i would roll up a Sunday Times and hit him in the nose. Bad, Biaggi Bad!!!! I think if he were to be knocked down a notch he would go in to this all knowing stage of depression and become a fat, alcoholic that would just ruin his carreer anyway! " Biaggi, Your shit does stink and so does your attitude!">**

             - MotoGP Guy  

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